Dr. Keely Roberts
Superintendent of Schools

 K Hall headshot photograph
Kim Hall
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Our District 6 Superintendent's Office is intended to provide a number of areas of support and direction for the community and our schools. We are the conduit between the services that District 6 provides for our children and our Board of Education, who serve the community in their elected leadership roles. The BOE meetings and communication with the BOE is primarily done through the Superintendent's Office, and our meeting schedule is posted on the District website. Our office can also be a resource for families who have concerns and our issues that have not first been able to be addressed at the school building level. The Superintendent's Office also helps provide direction and information to our community and schools on initiatives that we undertake in a never-ending drive for "Excellence Without Exception" in regards to the education of our children.

Below is information on several District 6 goals.

Regularly, the Zion Elementary School District 6 Board of Education takes part in a goal-setting process to help identify and direct district work and prioritize some initiatives for the district and the schools.  This ongoing critically important process of identification and articulation of goals helps to define the present and future work within the district, as well as promotes effective Board oversight of district activities. The Board’s commitment to review the most critical elements of the district programming resulted in the Board’s commitment to four passions to undertake over the next several years.  These include:

Student Academic Growth: District 6 must become an exemplary district in utilizing student performance data to ensure that each student demonstrates sufficient growth each academic year. Our focus on individual student needs and programming to provide for adequate growth for students will continue to be emphasized. Pre-School: District 6 must continue to be a leader in developing and maintaining a pre-school program that is second to none in terms of quantity and quality of pre-school services provided to 3 and 4-year-olds in Zion as a foundation for their educational futures.

Staff Evaluation: District 6 must establish outstanding staff evaluation processes that truly measure performance in an objective and student-centered manner. Staff development that corresponds to these evaluative processes is also essential to individuals, schools, and the district as a whole. This topic of evaluation is particularly valuable at this time as new state statutes also will require changes and modifications to the staff evaluation process.

Literacy: District 6 must become a leader in overall Literacy Development, early childhood through adult, and contribute greatly to the community in regards to overall literacy development, primarily via literacy development at our district schools. Working in partnership with the larger community, fellow school districts, partnering organizations, and the community at large, creating a community of literate and active citizens is a vital ongoing goal for District 6.

Additionally, the District 6 Board of Education renewed its commitment to continue to “work the plan” for two other very important plans that have been initiated over the last few years. These plans are: Response to Intervention (RtI): District 6 must continue to be a leader in providing for a system of identification, intervention, and progress monitoring of improvement for any student identified as not succeeding in their academic growth in Reading and Math. Additionally, our focus on PBIS to consistently and programmatically address our behavior component of our three-year RtI implementation which has been in progress since 2008.

ZCMS Improvements: District 6 must continue to see the power that Zion Central Middle School is for our community.  We must continue our ongoing review/renew/upgrade of the initial improvements that were initiated through the Central Focus process beginning in 2009. This continuous improvement process is vital to allow the school to grow with new learning and to meet the needs of the current student population.

The Board of Education has articulated that all of these elements (and others) are critical pieces of programming for District 6.  At these times when resources are becoming increasingly more scarce, this process of identifying priorities certainly helps to ensure that the resources that are available are being used to address the most critical needs for the district and the community.

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