Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Zion District 6 offers a continuum of special education services to meet the unique educational needs of the three to five year old students with disabilities. The range of available services is designed in compliance with the federal and state guidelines supporting the least restrictive environment in which services can be provided. Least restrictive environment means providing services in settings similar to programs provided to typical preschool children.

Preschool children are found eligible to participate in district services through an identification and assessment process. The assessment of preschool children focuses on the expectations and growth of the preschool child, and the evaluation of developmental skills, which are the foundation for academic and social learning. The assessed skill areas relate to academic functioning and are divided into five developmental domains: cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, self-help skills, social skills and speech and language skills. 

Early Childhood Identification Procedures

District 6 provides preschool screenings on a regular basis throughout the school year. Three, four and five-year-old children, who have not entered kindergarten and are residents of Zion School District 6, may participate in the district screening. The child must be registered for the screening through the District 6 Special Services office (847-872-5455 x 0126). Screenings are free of charge. The screening process provides basic information about the child in the areas of concepts (pre-academics), motor, and speech and language development. The preschool screening is designed to identify developmental delays or areas of concern. Further assessment in one or all of the domains may be indicated from the results of the screening. 

When a student falls below a certain threshold (percentile) on the screening tool, 2 different procedures could take place. If the student is below the 5th percentile but above the 2nd percentile, they will be rescreened a month or so into their staring at the school. If they continue to present delays, after a rescreening, then a full evaluation will be commenced, after permission is obtained by the parent. Another possibility is that if the student falls below the 2nd percentile at the time of screening, a full evaluation will be commenced right away, and consent/permission to begin the evaluation will be obtained after they start school.  If a student qualifies for Special Education, and the eligibility requirements are met, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for providing services is developed, and program placement is determined. The Individualized Education Plan is reviewed on an annual basis, adjusted and revised as necessary. 

Finally, a preschool child may be brought to the attention of the Early Childhood Education team by parent referral. To schedule an appointment for Pre-School screening please call 847-872-0255.

Early Childhood Education Service Options

The District 6 Early Childhood Program offers a range of offerings. The program is based on each child’s individual needs. These needs are determined after an extensive assessment.

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